Karl Ruprecht Kroenen - Hellboy

Once again based on the Sideshow, they did there best with what they had but the size and the shape was horrible for Kroenen. Too tall, too big, the boots was cheap and give not any possibility to pose this guy.
1rst of all change the body. He's on a TTL body, much shorter. The head is a bit oversize with the helmet on.
Switch the boots with a DID leather boots. I repainted the headsculpt and the rest of the helmet. I also change every straps of his leg and arm sheath.
Repaint his chest armor and use a better lace on the side of his armor.

Here what this guy looks like straight out the box :

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DiR a dit…

I dunno how I ended up on your blog, and this entry, but I just have to tell you: that is the most awesome Kroenen figure in all existence. I'm a huge fan of Kroenen already even though I saw Hellboy just about a month ago for the first time. I've been looking for some fan stuff of him (I just need to own something that has to do with Kroenen) but it seems all the fan stuff made of him is just so 2nd class. You've made a really stunning piece of this figurine. It's a pleasure to the eye.