Han Solo - Star Wars ep IV

I wasn't very satisfied with all the releases of the Sideshow Han Solo, each and every headsculpt had a problem somehow. The best Ford headsculpt come from the Sideshow Indiana Jones and a good friend had some recast of it. I picked one and resculpt the hair and put it on a Soldier Story body. Now I'm happy with it ! Of course a couple of details like the pants of his gun (from the Hasbro one) could be upgrade but it's fairly enough now.

As I said, the best Ford heasculpt is the Indiana Jones :

Luke Skywalker - Star Wars ep VI

Except the headsculpt and the lightsaber, nothing comes from the Sideshow. The black suit is pretty easy to find from a regular figure so are the leather boots. The cape and the leather belt are handmade and the body is probably a Dragon (I think) and much shorter too respect the size of Mark Hamill.
I had to resculpt the eyelids to erase this stupide "surprise" expression (especially with the open mouth) he had and gave him a huge eyes. Also had to repaint the hair. Since when Luke is a red head ?

Here what the headscultpt looks like without any mods, bewildered face and ginger hamster hair. But trough the years and all the new Lukes, this one is still the best Mark Hamill headsculpt. :

John Locke - Lost

Punisher - Warzone

release a wonderful figure, it was a great surprise with this Punisher/Stevenson from Warzone. Not many things to do except erase is depressive expression and add the nose hole on his skull.
Just resculpt the eyebrows area and repaint the hair in black and it was done.

Here's the original release and look how depressed his face really is :

Red Skull

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen - Hellboy

Once again based on the Sideshow, they did there best with what they had but the size and the shape was horrible for Kroenen. Too tall, too big, the boots was cheap and give not any possibility to pose this guy.
1rst of all change the body. He's on a TTL body, much shorter. The head is a bit oversize with the helmet on.
Switch the boots with a DID leather boots. I repainted the headsculpt and the rest of the helmet. I also change every straps of his leg and arm sheath.
Repaint his chest armor and use a better lace on the side of his armor.

Here what this guy looks like straight out the box :

Trinity - Matrix

This time, I tried to base this one to the Gentle Giant statue and it was pretty tough but in the end the result is pretty much what I expected.

What I used is the Medicom gear and the glasses, she's on a Sideshow body, tall enough to fit on the bike. The headsculpt is from the Gentle Giant bust recasted by MPL from eBay and it is a great headsculpt, just had to work a bit on the hair. The bike is a Ducati jst repainted in dark green. Still have to find some decals for each and every logo on the bike :

Neo - Matrix

Not a huge fan of the trilogy but it was sooo cool to see a man flying again since Christopher Reeve. Not very difficult to do but the hardest part was to find the good parts.
The headsculpt is a resin recast from the Gentle Giant and it is probably the best Keanu Reeves HS, much better than the Headplay. The suit is made by Triad Toys. They made a good work and the wire give a lot of possibilities to make some great shot.
The only thing left is a good pair of sunglasses.

T800 - Terminator 2 : Judgement Day